Saturday, October 13, 2012

How's Your Hook Shot?

Do you remember the TV show, The Six Million Dollar Man? This card reminds of the slo-mo scenes. Actually, I'm trying to show action or movement on this card.

After initial inking, stamp the one to be colored on top first. Do not re-ink. Then stamp twice more. As it fades, it looks like motion.

Instructions to make this card.

Hook 445-257HH is from Baseball & Basketball Stamp Set 257


  1. How cute and clever! Love this idea.

  2. This worked out really well Karalee! Great card!

  3. LOL! PERFECT rendition of action, Karalee! The six-million dollar dunker! Background is great, and I like the torn edge bringing more impact to the images!

  4. What a great card. Love the slo mo. It is a great idea!!

  5. Great comparison to the Six Million Dollar Man (loved that show). Definitely see the action!! Very cute card.

  6. Excellent movement. 6 million dollars worth


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